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This week I spoke with a small group of business professionals over breakfast about my design services. I listed my print and web services as:

  • logo design
  • identity
  • branding
  • promotional materials
  • web design

We discussed the importance of a communication strategy when used as a master plan for all of a company’s visual materials. This strategy and plan should include the company’s mission and vision statements. The resulting outline must have ways of creating consumer awareness, recognizability and familiarity, pinpointing specific target audiences and differentiating their company from competitors.

Establishing the company’s identity is crucial to these goals. To be successful, an identity must flow over into areas of customer support, distribution, development and production. The identity can encompass elements such as images, colors and music to provide a form of identification for consumers.

Steps in the Branding Process


When starting the development of a brand and its identity for a client, a design firm will follow six steps during the branding process:

  • The first step is the establishment of the mission and vision statements for the company.
  • The second step requires research of the product or service as well as the perceived target audience. There should be a clear grasping of the product or service and what the company stands for and hopes to accomplish.
  • The third step is the creation of a template for the brand’s overall look after the client and target audience feedback is evaluated following the presentation of style ideas. This can be conducted through interviews, questionnaires, sketches, color samples, collages and mood boards.
  • The fourth step is to settle on a list of the elements of the brand such as the logo, tag line, website, printed materials, office or retail space and product look and feel.
  • The fifth step would be to establish guidelines for these brand elements and begin designing them.
  • The last step is anticipating the evolution of the brand and to come up with a plan to keep the brand up to date.


Online Branding


Key points for online branding:

  • create a competitive advantage
  • establish your brand as a lasting benefit
  • show your brand’s effect on the bottom line
  • generate confidence
  • produce familiarity
  • tell the consumer why your brand is the best choice
  • showcase your brand’s exceptional qualities
  • propagate success


APRIL 2014

Effective corporate branding is essential to establishing consumer familiarity. Branding can cover many abstract corporate identities including such things as a logo, customer service, employee management, product packaging and advertising and even the interior and architectural design of the corporate office and retail space.

Suzanne is the consummate professional! She adheres to deadlines, is incredibly intuitive and has a keen sense of what consumers are able to adsorb when it comes to graphic design elements as well as text features of an ad. She is easy to work with, collaborate with and always results driven. I enjoyed working with her and would recommend her services to any business or individual seeking any of the multitude of services she offers.


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