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Design Concepts for Web and Social Media


I was asked to speak to a small networking group for my Chamber of Commerce about the design business. I reviewed basic concepts of
design work in relation to social media and web design.

Some points which I stressed for design when marketing for business
on social media:

  • creative, relevant and aesthetically-pleasing content
  • encourage user interaction
  • use hash tags
  • link to other sites
  • use a content strategy
  • schedule time in your day to focus on social media
  • track performance
  • set clear goals
  • be consistent with your company’s existing marketing campaigns
  • make results relevant to your business

These are tips which I discussed for website design for business:

  • 3 seconds to grab the user’s attention
  • responsive to all screens
  • have white space around and within your design elements for
    easier reading and eye focus
  • use easy-to-understand action words
  • link to other sites
  • track performance
  • use bullets for specific information
  • show features that can solve problems using your product or service
  • feature original, professional photography — stock photography that users have seen before can weaken the strength of your brand
  • connect the user with your brand
  • headings should be industry relevant and search friendly for
    the customer
  • headings are picked out more than content by search engines
  • use consistency in heading sizes, font choices, color schemes,
    spacing, design elements, illustration and photography styles
  • create a coherent theme throughout you website and all of your marketing pieces

I asked the audience review questions on the topics covered with a reward of a company t-shirt for correct answers. Great interest in the material was reflected in the lengthy after-presentation conversation.

Design Project Costs Reflecting Quality


Recently, I submitted a proposal requested for a web page design.
The potential client inquired why my proposal was higher than
his other proposals for the same job. My proposal included:

  • strategic branding
  • target audience research
  • content organization
  • copy writing
  • original, professional photography selection
  • original graphic design

High turnaround production companies that specialize in filling plug-in web templates may not offer the same custom, individualized services
as a design firm or freelance graphic designer. The resulting product may not reach the targeted audience, produce the desired client feedback or effectively sell the featured items or services. The web page may need another redesign much sooner to correct these mistakes resulting in higher overall production costs.

Design project costs can directly reflect the quality of the product
to be delivered.

Digital Experience


Here are some topics to remember when creating an effective
digital user experience:

  • stable, fast, user-friendly
  • easy-to-understand and maneuverable navigation
  • hold the user’s attention
  • use graphics, photos, illustrations and color
  • keep white space around and between content
  • reduce your text for emphasis of relevant topics
  • make an interesting and memorable adventure


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